About NV Tech Design GmbH



NV Tech Design GmbH is a company located in Steinheim, Germany. The R & D in the company specializes in the investigation of vibro-acoustic dynamic behavior of all systems and focuses on optimizing all components and structures. The company offers a comprehensive know-how on the measurement of the structure, its dynamic behavior and the optimization of the acoustic behavior.  In addition, NV Tech Design GmbH possesses an extensive knowledge based on years of experience in the field of vibration measurement and analysis.


Scalable Automatic Modal hammer, in-short called as SAM, is an advanced non-mass loading hammer excitation technique designed and developed by NV Tech Design GmbH. This state of art technique, through targeted innovative measurements and simulation methods, is used to effectively evaluate the vibro-acoustics in the early development stage and affirms further optimization of the system. The major advantage is that even non-linear specimen can be excited and the values in terms of eigenfrequencies and damping can be extracted at specific force levels.


Area of ​​Expertise:




- Body vibrations

- Airborne noise

- Modal parameters (frequencies, shapes, damping)





- Methodical design

- Prototype development, design and optimization

- Automatic modal analysis

- Measuring methods e.g. for quality assurance, condition monitoring and prognosis

- Test bench development

- End-of-line tests

- Identification of non-linear parameters



Areas of Application


The existing techniques and methods are used in various fields and industrial applications:


- Automobile

- Aviation

- Rail transport

- Wind power

- Turbine construction

- Plant construction

- Innovative materials

- Domestic appliances

- Astro-particle physics


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Prof. Dr. Peter G. Blaschke; Tel: +49152 26 76 04 78, e-mail: info@nv-tech-design.de

Paul-Lincke-Weg 10, D-71711 Steinheim